Jashan Eid e Ghadeer & Eid Mubahila 


Assalam o Alaikum
We cordially invite you to attend 
Jashan Eid e Ghadeer and Eid Mubahila on Sunday, 25 September @ 7:30pm

This auspicious occasion will be reciter By Sheikh Raza,Syed Farhat Abbas,Dr Nayyer Abidi,Qasier Quami,Syed Shujahat Taqvi,Wajahat Taqvi and Janat Ajmal Quami 
Qibla Syed Aoun Abbas Naqvi
Niaz(food) will be serve after
Plz attend and inform other momenines.

Babar Naqvi


Al-Hussain Masjid / Imam Bargha,
54 Bellott Street

Cheetham Hill


To sponsor any event or Niaz in Muharram /Majils for further information, plz contact brother
Imtiaz Kazmi

07866 636907